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Available Qualifications

Welcome to the MSF RiderCoach Qualification Center! This is the place for RiderCoaches who desire to attain Qualification status for advanced training opportunities not requiring a face-to-face certification process. A list of such training is shown below. These Qualifications are available only to MSF Certified RiderCoaches.

The RiderCoach must first establish an account with this system in order to participate in this online training opportunity. Follow this link to REGISTER an account. If you already have an account you may simply SIGN IN and begin or resume your work.

  • A Ridercoach who has earned this qualification is authorized to coach the Returning Rider Basic RiderCourse on an MSF certified training site. PDFs of all materials are provided for qualification study purposes only and those who qualify are expected to order the official materials for actual student training.
  • RiderCoaches seeking qualification to deliver the IME can do so here, entirely online. All study materials and the qualification exam are provided.

  • RiderCoaches who achieve this qualification are considered prepared to deliver hazard awareness training with the SMARTrainer.This qualification also authorizes and prepares RiderCoaches to train non-RiderCoaches to become “SMARTrainer Coaches”.
  • This qualification is only available to RiderCoaches certified in the BRC (updated).